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Adventure, horror, and high fantasy. 

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What is true?

Public school is practically designed to kill any innate sense of curiosity or desire for learning. Whatever survived of it in me was relegated to the margins of school notebooks, in little doodles and maps. I made up games on the playground for my friends based on the RPGs I played alone in my room at home—Final Fantasy, Zelda, Pokemon. I called them Quest Games. It wasn't until 5th grade that I learned people used dice to do this sort of thing. 

I went to a liberal arts college to learn about life—Philosophy, Psychology, Anthropology, History, Physics. I majored in Creative Writing and Computer Science because I wanted to write stories and make games that were meaningful and important. I wanted to make people laugh and cry, and share something special. I have taken the safe turn by turning myself into an engineer, relegating my dreams again to the margins of my life, in little doodles and maps. 

Starting this company is my chance to go back to the playground. Please allow me to be your storyteller. If you come on this journey with me, I can promise that fun is a priority—only one priority though, as I steer towards truth and freedom, wherever that may take us. 


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Dragon Hunt
Dragon Hunt

This is a short story about a wild man's final fight against a nest of dragons. I originally entered it in a contest for stories that must start with, "There weren't always dragons in the valley." If you leave a comment, I may decide to write the next chapter. 

The Gaol of Hubert Bristol The Dark Forest
The Dark Forest

The Dark Forest is a fantasy tabletop role playing game. The setting resembles folkloric Germany, but is modeled broadly after Indo-European myth and classic D&D lore. It eschews the modernity and scientism that has seeped into other fantasy RPGs in favor of emulating how our ancestors may have conceived of the world. It is a perilous place where nature is terrifying and the outsider is feared. Powerful magic is uncommon and unpredictable, or else comes at a terrible price. A just authority may be the only good worth fighting for—or perhaps not! 

Four main religions battle for ideological and territorial supremacy—the Church of Aster, followers of Hecate, followers of Set, and Chaosites. Each promises its adherents a good outcome in the hereafter. Who should rule the cosmos, what is just, and what, if anything, can redeem the world's suffering? 

It’s been approximately 200 years since the Breaking of the Crown, and since the Archbishop has not recognized a new monarch, Castle Galda was abandoned to outlaws and monsters. The Crownlands are a bloody battleground between nobles. Honest folks try to hack out a living in whatever way they can. Meanwhile, outlaws, beasts, goblins, practitioners of black magic, and worse prey on them. If someone could recover powerful relics of ages past, they may be able to control the fate of all. 

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